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We aim to breed true to type Pomskies with the highly desired Husky look & markings. This means our puppies are high in demand and the best ones are unlikely to be available to those not on our deposit list. If you are seeking a Pomsky with a particular look such as grey and white markings or a traditional black and white husky marked Pomsky, we strongly advise you join our list as puppies like these are rarely available outside of our deposit list.


Our list is run in the order that a deposit is received. When puppies are available, selections and matches are made in order of the list and with each list having the following priority:

Our own personal pick(s) of the litter, Any Stud Owners pick of the litter if owed as stud fee, Our Breeder waiting list selections and then Pet Home Deposit List

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Noa & Pasha

First litter 
Expected Spring time 
Colours: Blacks, greys & possible chocolates
Markings: Husky marked, nose bars & dirty face 
Potential for lots of blue eyes
Plush & woolly coats 
Size likely small - under 10kg


Honey & TBC

 3rd litter

Expected late Autumn

Potential for

creams, chocolates

& lilacs

Markings: Husky marked or tan point  

Mix of eye colours  

Sizes likely small to

standard 5-12kg

Previous litter size - 4

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 5.37.39 PM.jpeg

Abra & Pasha

First litter

Expected Spring time

Colours: Blacks, greys & possible chocolates

Markings: Husky marked &

tan point  

Potential for lots of blue eyes Plush & woolly coats

Size likely small - under 10kg 

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 5.38.28 PM.jpeg

Nilla & ​TBC

First litter  

Expected late 2024 to early


Potential for blacks, greys, chocolates, blues & lilacs Markings: Husky marked

Potential for lots of blue eyes  

Sizes likely standard to large 8-18kg

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 5.37.57 PM.jpeg

Halo & Pasha

Retirement litter

Expected mid Autumn

Colours: Black/white, grey/white

Markings: Husky marked

Mix of eye colours  

Plush & woolly coats

Sizes likely standard 8-16kg

Previous litter size - 6

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How to join our Waiting List

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Book a Vetting Visit

Once your application has been approved we require you to come and meet us and the dogs at our home. This is an opportunity to see where your puppy will be raised and ask any questions before you commit.

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Fill in an Application

To be added to our deposit list you need to complete an application form consisting of various questions designed to help us decide on your suitability for a Pomsky, and what questions we may need to ask you. 

The application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Place Your Deposit

If everyone is happy after the meeting at our home we offer a deposit place. A £200 non refundable holding fee is required at this point to secure your place. This comes off the final price of your puppy.

1. Breeder Waiting List

2. Stud Owner List

3. Pet Home Deposit List 
- A. B
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Health Guarantee 

-1 Year Genetic Health Guarantee ​

-5 Weeks Free Insurance

-Age Appropriate Vaccinations & Micro-chipped

-A Weeks Supply of Food Extensive Puppy Pack

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Take Home

When you take home one of our beautiful Pomsky puppies not only do you get a happy, healthy, home socialised dog, you also get an amazing puppy pack to get you started.

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Life Time Support

-Full breeder support for the duration of the dog’s life

-Exclusive access to owners support group

Application Form

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