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Everything you need to know about the Pomsky & our breeding program

  • Where are we located?
    We are based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
  • Are you licenced breeders?
    Yes we are. We are licenced by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council. Our Licence number is: We hold a 3 year licence which expires in December 2024 Our rating is currently 5 stars out of 5, this being the highest rating they can award. We passed our inspection meeting ALL the higher welfare standards. As from the 1st October 2018 Dog breeding legislation has changed and it is highly likely any breeder that breeds frequently should be licensed. Breeding without a licence when the breeder comes under scope of the legislation is ILLEGAL.
  • Can we visit you & the dogs?
    Yes, we encourage prospective owners to pay us a visit or join us on a walk to meet us and the pack before they make a decision to apply for one of our Pomsky puppies.
  • Can I join your deposit waiting list for a puppy?
    Yes, but we limit the spaces on our list so it will depend on how many people we already have as to whether you will get a place. We keep a list of those wanting a place so that we can offer spaces as they become available.
  • Do you ship your puppies outside the UK?
    No, I do not.
  • I am in the UK, can you deliver my puppy to me?
    We prefer our owners collect our puppies from us when they are ready to leave. However, for UK owners who have already been to visit us to be vetted and matched to their puppy we are able to provide a delivery service at an additional fee. We will only use our trusted pet transporter and cost is by quotation and in addition to a puppy’s price
  • Can you recommend any other UK Pomsky Breeders?
    If you are looking for other reputable Pomsky Breeders in the UK we recommend looking at the UKPA (United Kingdom Pomsky Association).
  • Do you offer breeding rights?
    Our puppies are sold as pets only on strict spay/neuter contracts. We do this to ensure the breed is protected in its development as the breed is not yet stable in its development
  • How much is a Pomsky?
    Our Pomsky puppies are priced from £2500-3500 based on their body conformation, coat and eye colour. However this can vary between litters and can alter in line with current market and UKPA pricing Pomskies with Husky conformation and/or markings will be priced higher, Pomskies more similar to Pomeranian in conformation will be priced lower. These prices are based on collection within the UK and on a pet only spay/neuter contract.
  • What breeds should be in a Pomsky?
    An F1 Pomsky will only be Husky and Pomeranian in the 50/50 split. Other generations may contain a % of American Eskimo and/or German Spitz Klein. The UKPA only approves the use of the Siberian Husky, Pomeranian, American Eskimo and German Spitz Klein in the development of the breed at present. A dog that contains breeds outside of these approved breeds is not re-guarded as a Pomsky.
  • What health issues are a concern?
    It is entirely possible for any of the known genetic illnesses present in Huskies, Pomeranians, American Eskimos and German Spitz Klein to appear in the Pomsky. The main concerns are hip and elbow dysplasia, Glaucoma and Patella issues. We would encourage you to research into the pedigree breeds used to create Pomskies to fully understand what illnesses could appear. Pomskies from health tested lines are so far very healthy as a breed. This is why it is critical to health test all breeding dogs so they are less likely to pose a risk of genetic inheritance of these diseases
  • Can you explain the different generations?
    An F1 Pomsky is the result of breeding a female Siberian Husky with a male Pomeranian. This generation are 50/50 Husky and Pomeranian. An F1b Pomsky is the result from breeding an F1 Pomsky back to one of the foundation pedigree breeds. The percentage split when only husky and pomeranian are involved is 75/25 or 25/75. It is important to remember the Husky percentage is always stated first in a Pomskies breed split. The split will vary where the other foundation breeds of the American Eskimo and the German Spitz Klien are involved. An F2 pomsky is generally the result of mating an F1 Posmky to an F1 Pomsky. There are other ways to create F2 such as breeding an F1 Pomsky to an F2 Pomsky. Percentage breed split can vary greatly at this stage due to what combination of foundation breeds are being used in the particular pairing selected by the Pomsky Breeder. As with the F1b Pomskies, an F2b Pomsky is the result of breeding an F2 Pomsky back to a foundation breed such as a Husky or a Pomeranian. F3 Pomskies are generally the result of mating two F2 Pomskies. The breed percentage split can also vary in this generation as there is potential to see all four foundation breeds. We are proud to be a UK Pomsky breeder to hopefully create a generation with all 4 breeds in our F3 litter due to be born in May this year.
  • How big will a Pomsky get?
    This varies a lot and will depend on generation, Husky percentage and size of parents and grandparents. Pomskies can easily range from 6kgs to 24kgs, but we can generally give a fairly accurate adult weight range on our pups but we do not guarantee it as some do surprise us. The UKPA Breed Standard lists the following size ranges for dogs and bitches within the Breed Bitches Weight - 7-12kgs Bitches Height -12-16 inches Dogs Weight - 8-14kgs Dogs Height - 14-18 inches ​It is important to note, that these size ranges in the breed standard are a goal to work towards and not all Pomskies will conform to this in early generations. It is thus a tool for breeders to help better select future breeding stock.
  • Do Pomskies shed much?
    Pomskies being double coated dogs tend to have two seasonal major coat blows a year. It is in these periods that a lot of fur is shed as they lose their undercoat. Raking daily with a good undercoat rake will help remove the excess hair and reduce the impact to the fur all over your house. Another option is to take your dog to the groomers for a de-shed coat blow out. Pomskies should never be shaved. If having a low shedding dog is important to you then a Pomsky may not be the breed for you.
  • When can I take my Pomsky home?
    Your puppy will be ready to leave from 8 weeks old provided we are happy with the puppy's progress and sign off from the vet. In some cases we may feel that certain puppies may benefit from an extra week or so with the mother, which will be ascertained on a case by case basis.
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